Big Little Lies by Liane Moriaty

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriaty

This week my audio book is Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I've got is going in my ears most of the time. 

The story begins with Jane who on her way to drop her son off at Pirriwee Public School where is son is going to have his orientation day for kindergarten. Due to a strange series of mishaps she mets up with two other mothers and sparks a friendship.

When they return to collect their children Jane's child is accused of strangling one of the little girls. Jane believes her son's assertion that it wasn't him and refuses to let the parents and teacher to make him apologise for something he hasn't done. When the young girl is attacked again at school where do you think the fingers get pointed?

What I love about it at the halfway point:

  • I still don't know who's dead
  • the accent of the reader is suburb! I can just see mothers talking like this.
  • The characters. Jane the single mother, mother of the accused ZIggy; Madeline the loud and charming mother of 14yr old Annabelle, Freddie and Chloe who she grieves that her older daughter is rejecting her for her ex-husband and his new young 'hippy' wife Bonnie; and Celeste the stunningly beautiful and rich mother of twin boys Max and Josh, married to the dashing Perry. 

Who will love this book?

  • Mothers and Fathers! If you have a children at school or daycare or even a club you will relate to these women or at least have observed similar 'blond bobs' running around organising all. 
  • If you like Australia - the accent is so brilliant
  • Murder mysteries - I have no idea who the victim is and the perpetrator although there is no lack of candidates and motivations

Why you should listen rather than read it

Actually either is good. But I've not read the book and only listened to it. As far as audiobooks go this one is made more interesting by the readers Australian accent. It gives a sense of realism and intimacy that I don't think I would have got from reading the book.

I also love the the voices. This story is very mush the testimony of the witness to the events on the Audrey and Elvis Quiz night coined with stories from the days, weeks and months leading up to this event. Hearing the different voices rather than reading them makes the story run very smoothly and quickly. I never have to check back and wonder who that was.

Half way through mark:

5/5 I'm hooked