Loved up on the end of your needle


I type to you in my head

Stories of daily momentary commentary

Saying how I miss your face


book pain growing how

Moment by moment I talk of

hope to prick the bubble that is my chat

How much easier to let you speak

To feel the stab of your heroin

Rush through my veins

have your words caress my thighs

Until I can speak no more

roll your words around my tongue

until your eyes skype my tears

It would be easier to yahoo.com

To spread my legs

Scroll down

glide to safety

but for the pace, space that @ inhabit for that to be

But for the pain, withdrawal, rush, throws, convulsions until

The next hit

I dream of you in my head

I want to step closer and tell

-You –

-Touch –

But I am an addict

So I


Image: Robert Pawlewski. Dead Man's Hand Custom Tattoo Buffalo, NY USA

Image: Robert Pawlewski. Dead Man's Hand Custom Tattoo Buffalo, NY USA



I encompassed you,
straddled margins side to side,
Dissected your arteries to anchor memory and
Drunk kisses from your thighs

When the Swan birthed
Feather words on butterfly charms,
Sliding westward like a loving tongue,
I flew from your arms

Your body has heaved
Its last sigh into my hair
Painting a blush mark into my skin
That leaves the ribbon rope ties bare



Terrorist Insurgency

The dentist drilled them out
one by one each mark
mercury poisoned
amalgam of thoughts
and replaced with composite
but sometimes twitches occur
tongue catches a crack
then a sliver
of you gets out

He said to tell you

Open your eyes
and see your reflection
While you’ve been travelling
you’ve already arrived

Your plumage has grown
all decked out in white
Awesome with beauty
you’re ready to fly

Look to the future
start beating your wings
You’re been made for this time
it’s your moment to rise