The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

Another book that carries the words “from the author of The Lovely Bones” which is a lovely and disturbing book as all the books of Sebold seem to be. In the opening chapter Helen commits one small act that changes her and the relationship with her mother forever. Over the 24 hours that the book encompasses she confronts the reasons for her actions and the relationship between her and her mother.

Matricide is not the most uplifting of topics but somehow it draws you into this dysfunctional relationship where I began to feel quite protective of Helen and yet abhorring her at the same time. Revolving around the consequences of decisions and actions Sebold reveals yet another kind of victim. This is not an enjoyable book, its disturbing, creepy, at times almost comedic and very dark. Do not read if you are feeling down but still compulsive reading in its own way.