In the Realm of the Golden Queen was written as an allegory of how sometimes bad things happens to us, things that are out of our control. No matter how much we try to cope and find our way through, sometimes we need others to help us. I orginally wrote this story about how my counsellor and Jesus helped me to come to terms to being raped as a child. For my childhood self talking about rape was impossible but I could talk about being given a stone. I hope that my story written like a fairytale will encourage you to find help to take away your stone burden.
— Meredith Brocklebank

As storms batter the realm the Queen must find a hero to save the Golden Queendom from destruction and slavery.

Storms and trouble is brewing in the queendom. What could be the cause? Soon a greater menace is coming to the invade and take the queendom for themselves. Will the Queen find a champion to help her as the Golden Realm and our world collides …

One pace away from him, she stretched out her hand and started to place the stone in his hand without leaving the bridge. As the stone fell from her hand, time slowed. The stone spun slowly, falling closer and closer to the Night’s outstretched hand.

In the Realm of the Golden Queen is for women and children of all ages. It's a picture book for the 8 to 12 year old age group, or a ‘read to’ book below that age.