Meredith Brocklebank’s vivid imagination and dreams have inspired her writing since she was a child. As a poet, writer and photographer Meredith has exhibited her work in a variety of galleries and has completed several poetry commissions. This is her first short story. She also works with other writers, facilitating a writing development group called Writers Inc. She is currently working on a novel while studying at University. She expects to publish the second book in the Golden Queen series in 2013 and the final in the series in 2014.

2005  Looking In/Looking Out Exhibition, Artstation Gallery, Auckland

2006  Light Exhibition

2006  Beauty – Capturing the Ephemeral Exhibition, Letham Gallery, Auckland

2007 Photography, Design and Illustration for Santa’s Little Secret by Bill Bartlett

2008 Everywoman 08 Purpose Conference – Commissioned poem ‘He Said to Tell You’

2009 Published In the Realm of the Golden Queen

2016  The Golden Queen Rides Out publishing date